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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FNU in First or Last name in US VISA -The Story

FNU - The case of Family Name Unknown...

If you are one of the those that have ended up having a Visa stamped with FNU in your first or last name, welcome to the club!

To explain this problem and solution, I will assume my name to be Adithya Vikram (not my real name:-))

My earlier passport had;

Given Names: Adithya Vikram

So my US VISA was issued with;

Surname: Adithya Vikram
First Name: FNU (By the way, this does not expand to First Name Unknown, it is Family Name Unknown)

It all started when the great Indian Babu at the friendly Passport Office forgot to distinguish my first and last names in my Passport (Or was it my mistake? Don't remember, but it is easier to blame others, isn't it:))

Those were the good old days when I cared less about names or their order. All I wanted to do was watch Doordarshan and hang out with friends and play cricket...

Cut to a few years later, I got a chance through work to visit the greatest country in the world! All excited, I submitted my documents and after reviewing them and realizing that I had no last name in my passport, our US HR warned me about problems I could face in the US of A.

I pretty much ignored them as I had a valid Visa to come to the United States and did not want to go through the process of updating the records. Lazy me.

I had enjoyed every minute of my stay in the US (and still do:)) until I decided to apply for a DL. 
The DMV rejected my application outright because they couldn't find a match in their Systems. To them, I did not exist:(.  So, started my tale of woes, and multiple visits to government offices, though I must admit that offices here are far better than our own back in India. 

DMV asked me to get an acknowledgement from the SSA with my full name spelled out correctly.
To compound the issue, I realized that the SSA apparently had clubbed my first name and last name (without a space) and entered that as my first name in their records (apparently, there is a 16-character limit for that field), and FNU as the last name. 

So, my name in the SSN was AdithyaVikram FNU

When I went to the SSA office, they told me that I had entered the US as AdithyaVikram FNU and they could do nothing about it, unless USCIS changed it in their records.

The USCIS adviced that I change my name in my passport and then contact them or live as AdithyaVikram FNU.

As I wanted to desperately drive around in the US, I was too impatient to wait to get all this mess sorted out, so I just went ahead and got my DL, but not before a few more trips between the DMV and SSA office.

The Car Insurance lady used to sweetly address me as Mr. PhhhNuu! (FNU)

After reading a few articles online about possible issues I could face in future if I decide to stay in the US (another irritating point of being addressed as Mr. FNU), I decided to set the records straight once and for all, and boy was it boring! 

The following is a summary of the steps. 

(Each step is explained in detail in the post here:
1) Change your name in your Indian Passport ((link for SFO only, check your consulate website for your link)
US consulates information:

2) Schedule an appointment with USCIS to update your records after getting your updated passport.

3) Update SSA Card

Go to your local SSA office two weeks after USCIS office visit.
Find your local office here:

I got my updated SSA Card in less than 10 days after my visit to their office.

 Next I have an appointment with the DMV to update my license and car title. Hopefully it should all be over. 

( I have since obtained my DL with my corrected name and the Insurance lady now has a tough time pronouncing my real last name!)

Finally I got my name back.

If only I had not been lazy back in India and gotten it corrected as adviced by the HR lady, this adventure would not have come about.



  1. Hi Vikram,
    Thanks for your post , It helped resolve my FNU riddle if interested pls go through my blog

  2. Hi vikram,

    Did UCICS provided new I-94 card to you? or Did UCICS only updated database?

    DID UCICS charged any fee to update the record?

    Without getting new I-94, how SSA will reissue the SSN card?

    Thanks in advance for reply.

  3. thanks adithya for your post. can you tell me how did you book your tickets from india to US as last name is mandatory on website. I checked with different people and got different answers. Someone says use your given name ( in passport ) and put it in First Name field and put "Mr." in last name field while booking tickets. Someone told me to put first name as given name (in passport ) and put LNU in last name field. Someone told me to put given name (in passport ) as last name field and put FNU in First name field ( same as US visa ). Someone says use your given name (in passport ) at both first name and last name field.
    Can you tell me what did you use when you booked your ticket. What was your first name and last name while booking tickets.


  4. My wife, before we got married, had her name misprinted on her passport in India.

    Given Name: Neeta Kaur
    Surname: Blank

    First Name: FNU
    Surname: Neeta Kaur

    In Visa
    First Name: FNU
    Surname: Neeta Kaur

    First Name: Neeta
    Surname: Kaur

    First Name: Neeta
    Surname: Kaur

    When she went get her driving license, they would not make her one as her name is not
    consistent on Passport, visa, I20, SSN, I94.

    After we got married we applied for her new passport (couple of weeks back)

    First Name: Neeta Kaur
    Surname: Rajpal

    She has to graduate apply for her EAD/OPT card. If we apply now (before we get her new passport) we will have to apply it with her name as
    First Name: FNU
    Surname: Neeta Kaur

    We have couple of questions -

    1. if we apply for OPT now (with the name having FNU), will we be able to get her name changed on EAD card once we get her new passport with corrected name? If yes, how?
    2. will it cause any problem later on with her employment or anything?
    3. will she be able to get a driving license and how?

  5. Sorry, I have not really checked this in a long time. Here are my responses.

    1) @Anonymous: Post ads in both countries, get original ad, and then contact Passport office.
    2) @prince As long as you don't rectify this problem, you could potentially have to keep explaining the issue to each authority you deal with.
    3) @Sunil: I will have to carry my old passport as long as I have valid Visas in them. I have not returned to India after the change, but dont expect any issues

  6. @Sukhdev - i got a new I94 card for no fee at all. You have to apply for an updated SSA card afresh. Wait for 3 weeks before applying.
    @Anonymous: To go back to India, I think you coud use the same names(s) you did to come here. That should not be an issue.
    @Deepi: I'd suggest that you get it rectified as soon as possible. You could still get a DL if you enter your name as it appears in your SSA card
    PS: I know the posts are old, and they might not revisit this post, but my replies are for people that might be having the issue now.

  7. my good luck, yours is the only blog i could find where i can see some replies in the recent time. otherwise i have been writing to ppl without any reply. Vikram could you please share your thoughts on my issue ( guess you had the similar issue).

    Name in passport - only first name

    Name in visa - FNU XXX

    Name in I 94 - FNU XXX

    When we went for applying SSN they told us that i can be issued a ssn however it will be in the name of FNU XXX, so after numerous hours spent on reading others plight I am getting my name changed in the passport ( getting the surname added). My questions is
    Do I need to change my visa also or only the I 94. Somebody suggested that I have to go out of the country get a new visa and then enter with a new I94.

    Is this correct or you did something else?

    I would really appreciate your reply.


  8. @anonymous, only i94 should be fine as long as you stay in the US. Once you go out of US and try to re-enter, you are better getting the visa fixed to reflect your name change...

    1. hello vikram,
      am also facing FNU problem i read ur blog completely,but i have some doubts if u dont mine provide me ur e mail address i will ask u clearly...

  9. ...
    Yes i am in a process to change my name ... Follow me at the above link...

  10. ahem ahem! y...y do i stumble on to u!!! vikram!!!! lol !

  11. You must well remember me ! :)

  12. hello :)
    I am Reshma Suresh, and I have the same problem, FNU in all my records - Visa, I-94, and SSN. I'm going to india next month and planning to bifurcate my name once I get there using the tatkal scheme. Do have any idea regarding this process?

    Thank you,

  13. In my father's passport
    Given Name --- FirstName MiddleName LastName
    Surname ---

    Given Name ---
    Surname ---- FirstName MiddleName LastName

    Could u pls tell how can i book the flight tickets from India -USA (i mean by what name??)..pLS help me

  14. On passport the first name of my wife is xxxx
    Surname : Blank
    on visa her name is
    Last name xxxx
    First name: FNU

    I now have the US Ticket with name printed as xxxx xxxx (twice). Is it right to travel with this ticket or i need to change the name to xxxx.

    1. Hi,

      Could you please share your experience? Did you have any trouble getting into the US?
      Here's the info -

      Surname: blank
      Given: "John Smith" (First name - "John"; Last name - "Smith")

      Surname - "John Smith"
      Given - "FNU"

      Airline Ticket-
      Surname - "John Smith"
      Given - "FNU"

      Do I need to get anything fixed or will he be ok?

      I would really appreciate any advice here.


  15. hello all, My Indian passport printed my surname blank and they printed my surname along with my given name and I applied H4 visa without correcting the issue and I went to stamping at HYD, The US embassy issued H4 Visa with my First name FNU and Last name entire my Given name from my Indian passport. I got H1 approval in 2012 and I approached SSN office to apply SSN, They told that they will issue my SSN as it appear on my I-94. They asked me whether you have Driving License in US, I said yes, and asked do you hold ITIN ? I said yes and they asked do you have bank account?? I said yes. then she issued a letter saying that your SSN will be issued only we after verifying with Immigration services, if they not authorize we cant issue your SSN. This process will take 4 to 6 weeks to get final results.

    I am really tensed I am sitting in US on H4 visa for more than 2.5 years now GOD bless I got H1 but they SSN application is making me tensed. I dont know whether I get my SSN or not???

    Please help me in case any one faced same similar problems in getting SSN.



    1. Hi SVNM,

      I got my visa stampted yesterday.

      Just wondering if I can get it corrected once I am in US as I saw some of the posts where they have split the names.

      Please let me know if your issue got resolved.



  16. whats your name as it appears on your I-797, I-94, Driving License?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. HI Vikram

    Just one query after name change filing an extension will not be and issue?
    and highly appreciate it.

    Naresh Sabhnani

  19. Hey Guys!

    Could you please post your experience on this issue?

    My brother has the same issue and is scheduled to visit me in July 2013. I just want to make sure he does not have any problems. Here's the info -

    Surname: blank
    Given: "John Smith" (First name - "John"; Last name - "Smith")

    Surname - "John Smith"
    Given - "FNU"

    Airline Ticket-
    Surname - "John Smith"
    Given - "FNU"

    Do I need to get anything fixed or will he be ok? I booked the ticket today and am able to change the name if needed. I am trying to figure out if I need to do anything.

    I would really appreciate any advice here.


    1. Same here need to travel first week of Jul and this issue is for my kid.. appreciate if someone can help with details..


  20. Vikram... Even i have a same story (Word to word).. Same ignorance and laziness ended me in same problem..
    After reading this even planned to go through the step u mentioned..
    1. Passport changed...
    2. Got new i94...
    3. Have to get SSN. Hope i will get it without any problem.
    4. My Question: Will i have any problem in getting name change on licence??
    5. I have still a year of visa validity. Before my visa expires i have to visit india..
    My Question: on VISA
    1. Do i need to get visa corrected before filing extension? or its ok if i get name changed while extension?
    2. Say if i'm not getting corrected now. When i go back to india and re-enter will i have problem at POE?
    I think getting new changed on visa, is all like getting new visa.
    Please help in understanding... I hope you still answering queries on this thread...

    1. how did you get the i-94 changed? did you do a re-entry or did you go to a cbp office?

    2. How did you get the i-94 changed, i am in the same situation, would like to know how you went about it?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi sir,
    I want your advice ...
    my surname is blank and given name is :- shubham chand
    after filling ds-160 and Visa appointment confirmation letter and putting FNU in place of given name and in surname my given name then
    it shows as ( shubham chand, FNU ) in both DS-160 and Visa confirmation letter
    is that fine ? or is it only for DS-160 , not for visa confirmation letter ( ustraveldocs)

  23. Hi All,

    I have H1B visa stamped with FNU.. Can I do a name bifurcation now from India before travelling to US. Is there any risk in having a new passport without FNU and Visa on old passport with FNU. Please help

  24. How did you update the i-94 i.e. remove the FNU part? you took the new passport and the USCIS updated it? when i went in there the officer wouldn't budge, he not only wanted the passport updated, he wanted the visa name updated as well!

  25. Hello,

    My question also pertains to what happens to the visa sticker in the passport. After receiving the new passport where the name has been correctly split, is there anything to be done about the US visa which has FNU in "Given Name"?

    OR, does the USCIS step you mentioned correct that record and the US visa sticker will remain valid until it expires?

    Thank you!

  26. Hi,

    I have a couple of questions. I've been in the same FNU boat :(
    I just finished applying for name change in passport. Its in processing stage right now.

    My questions:
    1. I saw that there was a fee ($150 or $300) for applying for a new I-94. How did you not get charged for it? As soon as I get my new passport, I'm planning to go to USCIS for the new I-94. How long did it take for you to get the information updated? Is the 3 weeks you mentioned, the processing time? I also saw that it is all online now, so I'm not sure what the process is.

    2. Do I need to change my name in my existing Visa too? My company will be filing my H1-B petition in April so, I'll be giving them the updated correct name to be printed on the new visa.

    It'll be really helpful if you can answer to these questions.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi ,
      Please keep us updated on how it goes.
      My passport is due for expiry and while I apply for re-issue ,i am planning to do the Name Bifurcation to get rid of this FNU( by notarized affidavit/deed poll for the name split) .
      Let us know after Name is bifurcated in Passport which all records need to be updated.
      1) I-94
      2) SSN
      3) Should I-797 also be changed by applying amendment
      4) Should the Name in Visa also be changed

  27. Dear Anonymous poster from February 3, 2014:

    Please update this page when you have managed to move forward with this. It would be immensely beneficial to others like myself.

    I got my new passport with the name split. BLS and the Washington DC embassy were tremendously efficient - I submitted my application (with only a notarized affidavit/deed poll for the name split) on Friday, and the new passport arrived by Fedex the following Thursday!! Following Adithya's advice on this page, I contacted USCIS because the website said that I should call before going, and in case that I would need an appointment first. But on the phone, USCIS said that the I-94 is CBP's responsibility, and the visa sticker is the Department of State's responsibility. So they cannot do anything, and instead I should contact CBP first.

    I then called up CBP and they asked me to come into an office (Deferred Port of Entry) with I-94 printed off the internet, and both the old and new passports. I suspect the officers there will not do anything after taking a look at the visa sticker, but it is worth a shot. I will update here once I have managed to do that - I suspect in the next two weeks or so.

    My thought on the visa sticker: The Department of State here in the US will not do anything at all. They will say that we should get the information and sticker updated back in our home country. So the sticker will be what it is. But I wonder if the I-94 record will change when I re-enter the US from another country. Will the CBP officer at the airport input information off the visa, or the passport? Who knows, and the only way to find out is making a trip abroad. Unfortunately I have nothing planned for this whole year.


    1. Hi TE,
      Please keep us updated on how it goes.
      My passport is due for expiry and while I apply for re-issue ,i am planning to do the Name Bifurcation to get rid of this FNU( by notarized affidavit/deed poll for the name split) .
      Let us know after Name is bifurcated in Passport which all records need to be updated.
      1) I-94
      2) SSN
      3) Should I-797 also be changed by applying amendment
      4) Should the Name in Visa also be changed

  28. Adithya, this is a tremendously useful page for people like myself who are in the same boat you were once in yourself. Thank you! I hope you're checking the page even now.

    I have seen your more detailed page, but this info is not on it, hence the request: could you please explain in a bit more detail more the USCIS interview/appointment was like. What was the meeting like - did they understand rightaway your scenario and just process the paperwork? Were there forms (I hear I-202 being mentioned on some websites.) As I just mentioned in my previous post, USCIS on the phone at least is washing its hand off the issue. After reading your two posts again, I think should just go to their office, rather than believe the phone response person. What do you think?

    Also, what did you take with you? Just the old and new passport?

    Thanks for all your help!

  29. I have same issue FNU as surname. but I have US interview in next two months. should I get my passport fixed before Interview or take care of it once Go to USA.


  30. Hi All,

    I need to book ticket for my mother visiting US next month.

    Please let me know which option do i need it use while book ticket for her

    1/ first name : XXXX
    last name : blank

    2/first name : FNU
    last name : XXXX

    3/first name : XXXX
    last name : XXXX

    Will there be any trouble in POE or ticket check due to FNU issue??


  31. Hi Vikram
    I have SURNAME issue, it's blank in my passport my visa came FNU as my last name, My DL FNU XXXX. I am trying to follow the steps which you explained above, posted ad in India already but not that easy to post ad here in daily news paper because they are asking court case number, For that case number I've to file a case if I file a case have to attend court for name changing judgement, am an Indian citizen I wonder how come US court will judge that's only confusion going on. I called BLS like 100 times they finally answered, When I said my situation and asked for help they simply said we need paper ad only if you want SURNAME in your passport. Stopped at this point, is there any suggestions for paper ad in United states or any other way. Do I've file name change case in court to get case number...... Please suggest.

    1. Yes you have to file a case with court house in US. We have the same issue and we have applied last name for my wife in US court in Georgia. It may be different state-2.
      Here is the brief process and we have court hearing on 04/09/14
      1. Apply for name change in US court
      2. They will issue file number and approved form which you can use to publish daily notice in US newspaper
      3. Take daily report and copy of forms to court on your court date.
      4. Hopefully judge will approve this and give you approved notice.
      5. Publish name change in Indian newspaper.
      6. Use US and India newspaper and other documents to change the name in Indian passport.
      7. Change the name on GC/DL/other documents.
      You can download process for name change in US for Fulton county Georgia

  32. I am too frustrated !! blank surname in passport, FNU in visa. And another problem is that the I 94 too contains wrong name , I mean doesn't have FNU but instead they put my surname in surname field And also prepended it with the given name, the same way like it was combined in passport.

    They told me to go to Department of Homeland security.

    Don't know what to do?

    1. Hi Purna Chandra, Try to call Department of Homeland security and tell them entire story. If you wanted to get rid of this trouble only the way is Name change in Passport, For all these troubles only solution found is Correction in Passport. I am still working on that god knows when will I be coming out of this.....

    2. I was just googling and found this page I hope this helps you.

  33. Going through this process and got my passport with new name.. have taken an appointment to visit immigration office.

  34. Hi Vic, About "Deep poll affidavit notarized Sworn Affidavit" This sworn affidavit should be notarized legally, Please advice.
    Thank you.

  35. I too thought of getting my name corrected in passport and I94 first before applying for SSN. I looked at BLS site for name change process, and looks like it can take around a month to get name corrected in passport and those guys are asking for all kinds of notarized documents.
    Also they will take my passport and I wont have one before 1 month minimum. If something goes wrong this process might take much longer.
    I guess it would be better for me to apply and get ssn first and then try to get passport corrected.
    However my visa expires next year, so I will be applying for visa extension, that should get my name corrected in visa.

    Then I will get SSN and DL fixed.

    Guys, Let me know your thoughts about it.

  36. After getting the new passport is it possible to get visa stamped with correct name ?

  37. Hi,

    I am in the same boat as of today that is June 29th 2014. i am sure things have changed a little since this original post was written. Like I94 is now online...

    1. Passport Given Name: Ajay XXX; Surname: Blank
    2. USA VISA: Given Name: FNU; Surname: AJAY XXX
    3. I-94 same thing as US VISA

    I went for the SSN as the very first thing and the lady there being helpful told me that they would have to verify my credentials and genuineness of my documents with USCIS and only then they will either issue me an SSN or deny it

    fortunately after waiting for 2 weeks my SSN has come with my correct name "AJAY XXX" (although the leaflet attached to SSN where address is mentioned it says "Unknown Ajay XXX". So it seems technically they still have my name incorrectly in their database. I seem to have got the correct name on my SSN because when i filled the form for SSN there was a column which asked for preferred name or desired name to be printed on the SSN card. and thats why i think the name is correct in the SSN.

    Now i went for the DL to the DMV and they just wont listen to me and say that there is no person with the name of FNU here and please get it corrected in the I-94/ Passport/ VISA everything.... the lady there was pretty rude and hence did not even listen to me for the fact that SSN was correct. She said she doesnt care what the SSN has.. :(

    so now my woes have begun. I am not sure if VISA will/ can or should be corrected but yes i have to go for

    1. Passport correction (name split procedure i believe since it only needs a Notarized Affidavit and no newspaper ADVT)
    2. I-94 correction
    3. then apply for DL at a DIFFERENT DMV (the lady was real rude there)
    4. correct anything that may be incorrect at the SSN office database

    Please advise or add to anything here.

    Advise to anyone travelling in future: Get it correct in the passport in India please before getting VISA or travelling to US. you can very easily enter US but then you get into a mess. I was fortunate to get the correct SSN and work authorization printed on it. but otherwise it would have been a big issue with my employer and my employment here In US.

    the only question is should VISA be corrected can it be or does it have any bearing on the new VISA (different class of VISA) application

    i will try and update here my status as i go through everything.


    1. Today i went to another DMV (different from the one which rejected my documents) and the lady there seemed to know what to do about the FNU case as they called it. they called USCIS and was on phone for almost half an hour without success of getting hold of anyone and then told me to wait and said that they will call her back in sometime. So i waited for another 30 or so mins and then she called me to say that my documents were verified by them and its fine for me to appear for a test. so right now i dont know what name will appear on my DL once i go through the test but the initial documents do say my correct name "Ajay XXX". so lets see how this goes and i will keep you posted. So the advice here is go to a DMV that is bigger and better in service as i realized here.


    2. Hi Ajay, Were you able to fix the issue and get the DL ? I could not change I-94. The officer in Customs and border protection in San fransisco rejected the request and asked me to get it changed by applying for visa again to the US consulate in home country (India) :( .I am wondering how many people have got I-94 updated ! Guess it is completely upto the officers discretion .I am now planning my trip to India as the DOB correctio in passport impacts EAD/SSN/DL etc. Let me know if you have any latest updates

    3. Yes . My DL has been correctly issued.

      I still have the FNU issue with my passport/ VISA/ I94. I will be correcting the Passport first but i dont think VISA and I94 need correction.

    4. Hi Ajay,

      Thank you very much for putting all the information on this website.
      I am also facing the same problem.
      I had FNU XXX name written on my SSN, when i went to DMV for drivers license, they said they cannot issue me a drivers license because of FNU, she asked me to go back to SSN and ask them to remove FNU, I went to SSN office the lady there was aware of the situation (FNU), she said she will something by which my name on card will appear without FNU (but in there records it will be Unknown XXXX..

      Looks like your name was also written in the same way, (Unknown your name) But on card UNKNOWN thing will not appear.

      I am very happy that you got your DL this way.

      I am still waiting the information to be updated in SSN database, so that i can go again for DL.

      Want to know more about it, please let me know your email id, My email id:-

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. I reached US a month back .
    I got my DOB corrected in passport from SFO Indian embassy (3 working days time ) .No court order was needed as the difference was less than 2years( only 5 months ) and I had also corrected SSLC while i was in India .

    SSN :- The lady was really nice and she called me after some days of filing for SSN and explained that filing the application can lead to complications for following reasons
    1) DOB mis-match as they will verify DOB in application with USCIS
    2) Potential issue with 'FNU ' as my 'given name/first name' .
    SSN office still uses mainframe systems :) THe equivalent name for FNU in SSN system is 'unknown' .
    So when the systems compare the field values in USCIS dB , mis-match would occur.

    Now I am talking to my immgn attorney (from company where spouse works )as to how this can be rectified . AS i understand it is crucial to get an appointment wit local USCIS office and explain this and have my case with them wrt DOB asap .I also need to check with them what to do with FNU ordeal. Looks like as you all mentioned in this forum , i might need to get another new passport again with hub's surname added to my name or maybe simply split my name.

    Once I get more updates in this regard, I shall post here. I have tried to put in some details wrt all steps as I also know that many people face issues with DOB also :) and I myself have got benefited via a lot by the inputs from many such discussions.

    I hope i would be able to apply for EAD soon. Somehow i am happy that even if i have to run around for all these , things are all getting sorted . Better late than never ! Trying to be a super positive thinker !! Well, at times I also think was it really worth coming here , living in a 50 year old house paying a bomb just coz its next to Apple campus..spending so much for an average lifestyle when one could afford super luxuries while in mother land?.I need to get the current issues sorted and then spend some time to introspect !! hmm..some hidden feelings of a positive thinker pops out at times !:)

    If someone is travelling to US on a transfer /long term assignment , it makes sense to have all these sorted hile in India (unless you have a case of incorrect DOB and the difference is more than 2 years , where getting a court order in India is a herculean task)
    So please share these exp's from this forum with friends /relatives who might be planning to travel to US .Infact I never knew that it could be so messy !

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  41. I thank this blog for throwing some light on the FNU, DL issue. I was able to get my DL. Some info in this blog seems outdated, There is no need for ad in newspaper if you are applying for name split and there is no need to visit USCIS for F1 visa. After getting the name corrected in passport, the next step is the BMV. This is my experience.

  42. I also Have the FNU problem,
    Given Name :Ramesh Lingesh Rajlesh
    surname :blank

    given name :FNU
    surname :Ramesh Lingesh Rajlesh

    I94: same as visa

    Today I went apply for SSN, The lady there said she will sending the doc to CBP for verification , Once its verified i will be getting in 2-3 weeks
    .I am worried about SSN only Can you please help.

  43. That's OK you will get SSN soon by mail

  44. That's OK you will get SSN soon by mail